Dog Kennel Designs and Configurations: Part 3 – Dog Kennel Floors

Traditionally speaking, your dog kennel flooring success depends on these factors: 1) suitability and quality of the materials, 2) proper floor preparation, 3) proper installation, and 4) proper maintenance. These topics are covered exceptionally well in an article written by Grant Loyd in the May/June issue of Pet Boarding & Daycare Magazine. I can’t say enough great things about this Barkleigh publication. I consider it a must read for anyone in the pet boarding and daycare business. Once you’ve decided on your foundational dog kennel flooring you can build on that with a raised flooring product.

We offer a product called Dek-Cellent. It has a perforated, plastisol-coated surface that feels similar to rubber with lots of benefits. First and foremost it elevates dogs so they are never standing in their own urine. It will not absorb moisture or odors and resists bacterial and fungal growth. The surface absorbs shock and noise and provides an insulated place to rest. Of course construction of equipment is very important for longevity so Dek-Cellent’s legs, frame and support system are all welded to the deck to form a one-piece totally-coated unit. It comes in both blue and sand color options. We sell a lot of this type of flooring in our raised kennel runs, but traditional dog kennel run customers have seen the benefits of the flooring and have started asking for it as well.

Our Raised Floor Kennels, which are essentially free-standing kennels are great for buildings where the landlord will not allow you to add drainage into the floor or if you just want to add a few kennels for boarding without a large construction investment. What is unique about our raised floor kennel is that we include a collection pan (without a collection pan the urine and fecal matter that is hosed down goes directly onto the floor. For a better explanation and photos, visit our Raised Kennel blog, which has a link to the raised floor kennel portion of our website.

I know there are a lot of links in this blog, but I like to make it easy for you to get as much information as possible in one place rather than spend all afternoon googling!

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