Why Choose Our Cat Condo Products

At Direct Animal, we offer colorful, cute, and fully customizable cat condos that can be configured in endless numbers of ways to fit the needs of your veterinarian office, animal shelter, grooming business, pet boarding facility, luxury cat spa, and more. Our innovative modular design system allows you to expand and minimize your cat condo structure based on spatial requirements and client volume. The possibilities truly are limitless, especially when you work one-on-one with our design team to create the perfect cat condo system to meet your unique needs and budget. Our stainless steel products are made to last the lifetime of your business and are built to be sturdy, ergonomic, easy to clean, and stain- and odor-free. With options like added ventilation, 100+ color choices, and mobile cabinet bases for easy storage, our cat condo enclosures have everything you need for maximum efficiency, comfort, and convenience.

Stainless steel cat condos are durable and stain-resistant

Every piece of veterinary equipment we manufacture, including our cat condos, are constructed using high-grade stainless steel that will last the lifetime of your practice. Unlike enclosures that are made of plastic or laminate, stainless steel will never peel, crack, warp, or break. It is also resistant to liquids, so it is much easier to clean and doesn’t hold stains or odors. Other features such as carefully coved corners and a urine-retaining lip prevent liquids from spilling over into other cages or onto the floor.

We design our cat condos to make your job easier

We understand what it takes to run a cat boarding facility and other animal-focused businesses, so we know what features can make your job easier. Each cat condo is engineered to improve efficiencies, with things such as dual-swing doors that prevent cats from escaping, optional cabinets for convenient storage, and swivel bowls that allow you to replenish food and water without opening and closing doors.

We can match your style

Whether you’re looking for the basics, or want to have a colorful luxury cat run, we can design the perfect enclosure for you. We provide more than 100 color options for our powder-coated cages, which still feature the same stainless steel base with an attractive and easy-to-clean finish.

We can fit any space or need

No matter how small your space or unique your needs are, we can design an enclosure that fits perfectly. From side-by-side double stack condos to modular cat condo structures that work great for adoption events or mobile clinics.

We know exactly what cats need

All of our cat condos come equipped with climbing perches or pass-thru portals that give cats the space they need to feel comfortable and stress-free. We also provide the ultimate cat playground with things like our cat enrichment wall. We know that cats need to run, hide, perch, and play, and design our cages to meet those needs.

We’re a company you can trust

Our relationship doesn’t end once your cat condo is shipped. We take as much pride in our ongoing customer relationships as we do our products, which means that we will always be there to answer and address any questions, concerns, or issues that arise before, during, or after your purchase. When you choose Direct Animal, you’re choosing a company you can trust. Call us today to schedule your free consultation and see what we can do for you.

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