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The Value of Pet Playroom Structures

The benefits of including cat and dog play structures in your boarding facility can set your business apart from the rest while enriching the lives of the companion animals in your care. The cost of installing a complicated play structure causes some small business owners to forgo the idea altogether, but don’t let it deter you. It doesn’t have to be complicated and any money you spend on it is an investment that can help grow your business. Creating multiple levels, viewing platforms and varied surfaces will help engage your guests and make them more comfortable. Dogs love to climb up on something high and look down over their domains while cats need larger platforms in order to fully stretch and get comfy. Play structures are a great way to provide exercise, stimulation and socialization and keep your guests coming back time and time again.

These images illustrate simple, yet highly functional designs we put together for Olde Town Pet Resort – Dulles.

2 thoughts on “The Value of Pet Playroom Structures

  1. We are renovating a 11,000 square feet building and would like to put in an indoor playroom for our sanctuary dogs. We are interested in the panels and door use for kennels. We want to use to set a perimeter but also want to be able to rearrange depending on groups of dogs. We also like the ramp as shown in the photo but could not find any info on it. We would like to get the quote for the panels and door. The playroom is going to be about 30 ft by 50 ft.

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