Adopt a Shelter Dog Month in October

For nearly 40 years, American Humane and other shelters have dedicated the month of October to helping orphaned dogs find their forever homes. And while the “adopt, don’t shop” movement has led to an overall decline of shelter pets, there are still about 6.5 million companion animals (3.3 million of which are dogs) living in cages at local animal shelters. 

So, in honor of “Adopt a Shelter Dog Month,” here are a few things YOU can do to change the life of a shelter dog.


Many animal shelters are run as nonprofit organizations, which means they rely on the generosity of donors to pay for the items, equipment, and buildings needed to house displaced animals. Donating money, time, equipment, food, or other items can help ease the financial strain so they can put more funding into training, marketing, and connecting animals to owners. 


If your pockets are tight, but your heart is big, you can also organize a fundraiser. Fundraising for “Adopt A Shelter Dog Month” not only helps to raise much-needed funds, but it also raises awareness around the issue and reminds loved ones to visit the shelter before a breeder for their next animal companion.


Donating time or skills is another way you can support shelters and help in their adoption goals. General volunteers help to manage the day-to-day processes, though you may choose to donate specific skillsets that can aid in adoption. Professional photography, social media management, digital marketing, and other skills are crucial to getting more pets adopted. 

Raise Awareness

Even if you can’t adopt, you can still support the movement by raising awareness. Use your online and offline platforms to share interesting articles, connect pet seekers to local shelters, congratulate those who’ve adopted, and provide helpful information and even assistance to current dog owners who may be considering rehoming their dog.


Most shelters struggle to maintain their social media outreach, so every like, share, and follow can make a difference. You can make their impact even more significant by sharing adoption posts on your page and letting your network of friends and family know about the adorable shelter dog up for adoption.


Finally, of course, the best way you can celebrate “Adopt a Shelter Dog Month” is by adopting a shelter dog yourself. Adopting can be a very rewarding experience for dog owners, knowing that they’ve drastically changed the outlook of their new furry friend’s future. Of course, adopting a shelter dog can come with its own unique set of challenges, so do be sure to discuss known behavioral issues and ensure that you and your shelter dog are a good match.

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