10 Ways You Can Help Your Local Animal Shelter

Animal shelters commit themselves to rescuing, housing, medicating, and rehabilitating unwanted dogs, cats, birds, and other pets. Caring for abandoned and abused pets requires a myriad of equipment, tools, medications, and people—all of which can be quite costly for a nonprofit organization.

So, if you appreciate the work your local animal shelter does, why not give back? Here are ten unique ways you can support your local pet rescue center and help them in their mission of saving lives.

#1 – Adopt a Pet

The best way to help a shelter’s mission is to adopt a furry friend. Adopting instead of shopping gives these pets a second chance and reduces the number of animals the shelter has to care for.

#2 – Volunteer Time

If you have some extra time on your hands and are looking for a way to give back, consider becoming a volunteer at the shelter. The tasks will likely vary, and it won’t always be glamourous, but it will be a rewarding experience.

#3 – Volunteer a Skill

If you’re a specialist in something—social media marketing, photography, veterinarian, etc.—consider offering up your skills. Shelters usually don’t have big budgets, so having these special talents donated would be a fantastic gift.

#4 – Foster a pet

If you aren’t ready to adopt but have the time and space, consider fostering. Taking in a shelter pet relieves capacity pressure at the shelter, speeds up the rehabilitation process, and makes it easier to find a forever home. Not to mention, it also makes the animal much, much happier. 

#5 – Purchase Equipment

Check with your favorite shelter to see what it needs most. It may be in desperate need of another cage for animals, a grooming tub, or just more toys and tools. Then, you or a group of people can set a funding goal to purchase that item. 

#6 – Donate Money

Animal shelters need more than tools and equipment. Often donations go toward electric bills, vet visits, rent, and more. That is why cash is almost always the best way to go when supporting a nonprofit. Simply send a check, use PayPal, or support their crowdfunding campaign.

#7 – Follow and Share on Social

Boost their social media efforts by following and subscribing to their social channels, then sharing animal adoption ads and donation requests on your social feeds.

#8 – Host a Fundraising Event

Instead of just dropping your spare change in the donation jar, increase your impact by hosting a fun fundraiser. You can go big and create a large public event, or keep it simple by soliciting friends to pitch in on your charitable mission.

#9 – Take a Dog for a Walk

Get your daily exercise, help out the shelter, and make a pup or two happy by volunteering as a dog walker. Taking dogs out of the shelter also helps with socialization and rehabilitation, making it easier to find a forever home. It’s usually best for the shelter and the dog for walking volunteers to keep a semi-consistent schedule.

#10 – Take on a DIY project

Put your craft skills to use by creating inexpensive DIY toys, collars, bedding, and more for the cats and dogs at the shelter. Cut costs and make it eco-friendly by upcycling items you no longer use. Shred some worn-out clothes and rags and tie it into a fun tug-o-war toy for pups. Or, repurpose your favorite fading t-shirt into a cute scarf that can be worn for adoption photos. 

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