Grooming Accessories

Grooming Tub Accessories

The grooming tub accessories available from Direct Animal Products perfectly complement our extensive line of grooming tubs.

We’re passionate about equipping veterinary clinics, dog groomers, doggy daycare centers, and boarding facilities with the right equipment they need to get the job done right without a high risk of repetitive strain injuries.

Grooming tub accessories for rinsing off

Spraying down an anxious pet isn’t always easy, and so we’ve designed our grooming tub faucets with one-handed operation in mind. The four-inch and eight-inch grooming tub faucets (wall mount) feature a utility spray with a vacuum breaker, and flexible hosing options. Or, if you prefer, choose our wall mount (4-inch center) utility spray with a flexible, 72-inch lightweight hose. It’s available with quick disconnect technology, shut-off valve, and spray head.

Need more flexibility? Choose our eight-inch center pre-rinse utility faucet with included wall bracket. This popular grooming tub accessory stands 38 inches high when assembled.

Pet grooming tub accessories for grooming products

Well-pampered pooches need grooming products that leave their coats soft, clean, and gleaming. Store them in our shampoo racks, custom fabricated to fit each style of grooming tub we offer.

Check with one of our friendly sales associates to make sure you match the right pet grooming tub accessories to your preferred tub. We offer racks for both quart and gallon bottles, with both side mount and back mount styles available.

Once your order arrives, simply insert the shampoo rack into place in a matter of seconds, and adjust its location to your precise preferences.

Grooming tub accessories for trapping hair

No professional grooming station is complete without flawlessly fabricated hair trapping devices. Just one pup can shed enough to clog the pipes, and a plumbing problem can derail the day’s schedule, frustrate your clients, and affect your company’s reputation. Prevent plumbing disasters with our stainless steel basket drain. This is no ordinary basket drain—it comes fully equipped with nut, gasket, and sealing washer for maximum effectiveness.

Another option is our popular hair trap, which replaces the typical P-trap. It’s simple to install, and to empty it, all you need to do is unscrew it and shake out the fur.

Upgrade your pet grooming tub equipment

Ready to upgrade your professional pet grooming equipment? Call Direct Animal Products today at 877.459.7827, and let our helpful sales associates walk you through your grooming tub accessories options. Or, send us a quick email at [email protected]. Our extensive line of carefully engineered and expertly fabricated veterinary equipment is versatile and customizable for any practice.







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