Galvanized Cages

Galvanized Cages

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Our engineers worked with kennels, boarding facilities, groomers, veterinarians and doggy daycares to design the perfect cages for you.

Not only are Direct Galvanized Cage panels and units built to last, they’re designed to stay sanitary during use as grooming cages, boarding cages, shelter cages and more.

Each enclosure can be cleaned individually very quickly, even during use. No need to remove the animal because our perforated subfloor elevates the pet, letting fluids and other waste materials drain below. You can remove the collection tray without having to open the cage door.

  • Heavy-duty 18-gauge galvanized steel stands up to all types of uses including large and small dog cages, cattery cages and other animal habitats
  • Stainless steel cage grill doors are tough enough to withstand active, biting pups
  • Slam latch ensures quick one-handed closing
  • HDPE raised flooring allows fluids to drain away from pets
  • OPTIONAL: TopCap trim piece for the top of the cages

No wonder Direct Animal Products’ galvanized steel cages are so popular!

If you’re ready to let us configure the ideal cages for your kennel floor plan…

Contact us now for a free personal consultation.

Product Number: Standard Mobile Cage Bank, Triple Stack Mobile Cage Bank, D1618, D2424, D4830D, D4830-MB


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