Doggie Day Care vs. Crate Training

To stay happy and healthy, your dog needs to exercise, play, and interact as much as possible throughout the day, whether with other dogs or humans. As a result, many dog owners choose to enroll their furry friends in doggy daycare over at-home crating.

However, every doggy daycare is different, and so is every dog. Before choosing between daycare and crate training, it’s essential to think about each option from your dog’s perspective.

Crate Training

Crate training relies on your dog’s instincts to seek out a safe space when they’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed. It’s also a valuable tool in preventing dogs from chewing on items when you’re not home. If you only need to leave your dog home alone for short periods of time while you’re running a few errands or for short overlaps between caregivers, crating can be an easy and convenient option.

However, leaving your dog isolated for long periods of time can lead to behavioral problems, and your dog might cry, growl, or bark when it’s time to go in the crate. Dogs who stay crated all day don’t get enough exercise or interaction, and your dog might become depressed or anxious when you’re not home. In this case, daycare may be a better option.

Either way, whether you crate or go to doggy daycare, crate training your dog is still a valuable skill to teach. Crating comes in handy if you need to leave the house for short trips, can’t make it to daycare, or want to keep your pup safe and out of trouble while you sleep.

Doggy Daycare

Choosing doggy daycare comes with a wide variety of advantages. Unlike crating, which keeps your pup isolated and home alone for hours, doggy daycare allows your pet to run freely and build strong socialization skills with other dogs, which helps to prevent aggressive behaviors and separation anxiety.

And if you’re worried about your pup getting run over by the big dogs, many daycares separate dogs by temperament and size. This helps to ensure a safe environment and makes it easier for staff to spot behavioral issues and correct them with obedience training.

Doggy daycare also gives dogs the love and daily exercise they need to stay mentally and physically healthy. When you’re busy at work, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your dog is safe and happy under the care of trained professionals. Ultimately, doggy daycare isn’t just beneficial for dogs, but it’s also a valuable support system for owners.

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