National Pet Wellness Month in October

October is more than pumpkins and scary costumes; it’s also National Pet Wellness Month. The brainchild of The American Veterinarian Medical Association (AVMA), this annual initiative is designed to educate pet owners on how to best care for their pets and to encourage pet wellness year-round.

So, in honor of your pet’s health, here are some ways you can celebrate National Pet Wellness Month in October 2020!

#1 – Schedule a Vet Visit

Your pet should have at least one to two vet check-ups per year. Regular exams can help detect cancers, diseases, and other issues early on. Early detection leads to simpler, less costly treatments and higher rates of survival. If you’re behind on vet visits, schedule a comprehensive wellness exam today.

#2 – Evaluate their diet

You are what you eat, and so is your pet. If your dog or cat lives off of table scraps, you may need to revisit its diet. Obesity and poor nutritional balance are common problems amongst pets and can lead to bone and joint problems, cardiovascular issues, and even diabetes.

#3 – Get in exercise

Regular exercise builds up muscles, increases blood circulation, helps lower blood pressure, and can help your pet maintain a happy, healthy body. Dedicate the month of October to create a regular walking or play schedule with your pets.

#4 – Update ID tags and microchip information

Microchips significantly increase the chances of finding your lost dog—but only if the information is up to date. Many microchipped runaways remain lost because shelters are met with old, disconnected phone numbers. As part of your wellness review, look up your pet’s microchip information, and correct any outdated information.  

#5 – Work on behaviors

Behavioral issues can be problematic for both owners and the pet. Some behavioral problems, such as chewing or swallowing harmful objects, can be as dangerous as they are destructive. Others may be signs of other underlying medical or mental issues. Either way, work on your pet’s holistic health by enrolling it into a training program.

#6 – Stimulate their mind

Being stuck at home or in a cage for animals all day can be incredibly dull and can affect your pet’s mental and physical health. So, give your animals something to do by purchasing toys or playing games that challenge them mentally.

#7 – Make it Routine

National Pet Wellness Month is a great month to kick off new healthier habits, but it’s equally important to keep the momentum going year-round. Make changes to daily routines, mark important dates in your calendar, schedule reminders, and find ways you can keep your pet happy, healthy, and safe all year.

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