Dog Kennel Guillotine Door- The Answer to Animal Transfer

Animal transfer in kennel-boarding, animal shelter and animal control facilities has long been a time consuming effort when faced with multiple kennel runs and feisty dogs. We’ve addressed that concern with our Dog Kennel Guillotine Door. The guillotine door is a feature offered in all of our starlite (high density polyethylene) back panels. The kennel door runs the width of the back panel and slides inside of a stainless steel track. A kennel back panel with guillotine door is usually used when you have a back-to-back kennel design. This feature provides easy and safe access to the adjoining kennel or outdoors without having to enter the kennel run. Our kennel guillotine door is made of HDPE, which is similar to cutting board material and has many benefits. It is abrasion, moisture, stain and odor resistant, very durable, FDA approved and chemical resistant. It has high impact strength so it is an ideal application for dog kennel panels which will endure daily abuse from the dogs and daily cleaning from their keepers. Our dog kennel guillotine doors feature a counter balance system which makes the dog door easy to raise and close and offsets the weight of the door which keeps it from slamming down to the ground upon closure. We also offer a side to side guillotine kennel door which allows kennels that are side by side to open up, creating an extra large kennel enclosure if needed.

We are experts in kennel design and manufacturing, committed to quality control and testing. We actively seek out and test the best materials that will promote durability and longevity with the added benefit of being the best looking dog kennels on the market. After more than 25 years of manufacturing, we understand that the construction of our dog kennels is just as important as the type of materials we use. Whether you are a luxury boarding facility, animal shelter, rescue, control or a busy veterinarian we look forward to the opportunity to share our knowledge as a kennel manufacturer with you.

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