Can a Dog Kennel Stunt Growth?

A dog’s kennel will not stunt its growth. Your dog is going to continue growing to the size it’s supposed to be, no matter how much time he or she spends in the kennel. However, finding the right kennel or crate size for your dog is key to making sure that they are happy and comfortable when inside it.

What will determine your dog’s growth?

Your dog’s breed and genetics will determine how big it will get. If Pops was a big dog, Junior has a high possibility of being one as well. This is assuming that Junior’s getting the right amount of food, diet, and exercise that he needs for his size, breed, and age. 

How can you make sure you’re getting the right kennel size?

In order for your dog to get the most benefit out of its kennel, it’s extremely important that you get the right kennel size. You don’t want your dog to be uncomfortable being in a kennel that’s too small or too big.

A kennel that’s too big can make your dog feel uncomfortable and anxious. It can also negatively affect puppies in the midst of housetraining. Dogs don’t like to go to the bathroom in spaces where they sleep. If the kennel is too big, the puppy will relegate one side of the kennel for bathroom duty and the other side of the kennel for sleeping, shutting down housetraining!

A kennel that’s too big could also make any dog feel anxious since it won’t provide the cozy, den-like feel that dogs instinctively love.

A kennel that’s too small will make a dog feel extremely uncomfortable, causing symptoms like muscle pain and irritability. The kennel should give them just enough space to move around comfortably.

If it’s not the kennel, then why isn’t your dog growing?

If your dog isn’t growing, it could boil down to a few simple things.

On the one hand, it could all be in your head. You may simply be super anxious to have your dog grow. Dogs grow on their own timeline, and sometimes that timeline is a little delayed. To you, a delayed timeline could feel like forever! Keep in mind that If your dog is mixed with another breed, it might not meet the typical growth timelines. Check with your vet if you truly think something is amiss.

Your dog’s diet may have something to do with its growth rate. Dogs of every breed and size have their own specific nutritional needs. Speak to your veterinarian to find out what diet your dog should be consuming.

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