The Best Thing About Our Double Stack Kennel Is

Our Double Stack Kennel does not require a drain. Of course it’s also packed with so many other features, like the fact that it is mobile so you can move it around for a thorough cleaning or if you need the extra boarding space in another room. It comes standard with a swivel bowl feeder so you can replenish the animal without opening the doors. It ships fully assembled and is available in over 100 colors from orange to blue and everything in between!

Our Sales people spend a lot of time discussing kennel design around here. What’s great about our double-stack kennels and other manufacturer’s kennels and what would make them even better? At Direct Animal we design and build kennels and animal cages, but we don’t use them on a daily basis so we look to our customers to tell us what their day to day struggles are and we try to address those. Feedback regarding Double Stack Kennels or double decker kennels is that they are a great way to maximize square footage by boarding 2 dogs in the same space as a standard kennel which only houses 1 dog, thus doubling your profit. The one drawback is they require drainage systems. Our Double Stack Kennel functions without an expensive drainage system because it is outfitted with raised flooring and a collection pan so fluids pass through the raised flooring and onto the collection pan which pulls out and is also removable. You can pull it out a little, wipe it down & disinfect or you can pull it all the way out and hose it down then replace it. Our Double Stack Kennel receives high praises at tradeshows when compared to other brands. Contact us to find out what sets our space saving kennel apart from the rest and we’ll answer all of your questions!

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