How Animal Shelters Can Collaborate & Cross Promote with Local Businesses 

Collaborating with other animal advocacy organizations, businesses, and social service providers will significantly improve your ability to provide access to veterinary care and other services to pets in animal shelters and connect them with loving families. Here are a few suggestions: 

Yoga Studio  

Puppy yoga has become extremely popular. It is also a great way to turn “downward” dogs into “adopted dogs.” Look up local yoga studios to inquire about co-hosting a dog rescue yoga class, where participants can donate to the animal shelter, do a little yoga, and maybe leave with the pup of their dreams!   

Office Buildings  

Another exciting place to host an adoption event is at the office! Animals are known to reduce stress, and what better way to shake off the mid-afternoon slump than with a little meet and greet with local rescue animals? Staff can come down to pet, play, interact with the animals, and maybe even leave with one!  

Low-Cost Vaccination & Spay/Neutering Clinics  

The cost of animal care can impose a burden on many pet owners, which may lead them to surrender their pets or an unexpected litter of kittens or puppies. Partnering with low-cost traveling clinics is a great way to bring resources, awareness, and education to the community. You may consider volunteering space to the traveling clinic and, in exchange, getting deeply discounted services for the animals in your care.  

Local Dog Trainers  

Poor behavior is another leading cause of dogs ending up in shelters. Often, this is due to inadequate training rather than the inherent personality of the dog. Consider partnering with a local dog trainer to host special community workshops and courses at accessible prices. In exchange, the trainer can use the opportunity to showcase his skills, sell additional packages, and receive exclusive recommendations from your shelter.  

Pet Supply Stores 

Pet supply stores are natural allies for animal shelters, as they cater to pet owners’ needs. By forming partnerships, shelters can organize adoption drives at these stores and offer educational seminars on topics like pet nutrition and training. Additionally, pet supply stores can donate supplies or sponsor adoption fees to support shelter animals. 

Groomers & Veterinarian Offices 

Groomers and veterinarians play a crucial role in maintaining the health and appearance of pets. Animal shelters can collaborate with these businesses by referring new pet parents to their services. Additionally, groomers and veterinarians can offer discounted services to shelter animals or provide pro bono care. 

Local Police & Fire  

Police and fire departments are pillars of the community, and their involvement can significantly boost an animal shelter’s outreach efforts. Shelters can collaborate with these departments by hosting joint events such as adoption drives or public safety demonstrations. This partnership promotes pet adoption and strengthens ties between law enforcement and the community. 

Pet-Friendly Breweries 

Pet-friendly breweries provide a laid-back atmosphere where patrons can enjoy craft beer with their furry companions. Animal shelters can partner with these establishments to host adoption events or fundraisers. By combining a love for animals with socializing opportunities, these events can attract potential adopters and sponsors.  

Corporate Partners  

Corporate partners can provide invaluable support to animal shelters through sponsorships, employee volunteer programs, and related marketing campaigns. By aligning with a shelter’s mission, corporations can demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility while attracting shelter donations and making a tangible difference in the lives of shelter animals. 

Local Radio & TV Stations 

Media outlets have the power to reach a broad audience and raise awareness about animal welfare issues. Animal shelters can collaborate with local radio and TV stations to promote adoption events, share success stories, and raise funds for critical programs. By leveraging the reach of media partners, shelters can amplify their message and inspire community action. 

Local Veterans Groups 

Dogs can offer a positive emotional and psychological impact on veterans with PTSD. Consider hosting a train-and-adopt event at a local veterans group to find mutually beneficial matches or potential foster homes.  

Photography Clubs  

Good photos and videos can make a difference when it comes to adoption. Reach out to local photography clubs or businesses to see if any photographers would be willing to volunteer their services for animals ready to find a home. In exchange, you can promise to promote and tag them in the posts and provide their cards in an “I’ve been adopted” goodie bag for the new owners.  

Marketing Students  

Marketing is also a critical component of running an animal shelter. However, it can often be out-of-budget. If you live near a college campus, consider contacting the marketing program director to inquire about hands-on learning opportunities for students to test out and volunteer their marketing skills. 

Upgrade Your Facilities 

After all the success of your outreach and advocacy, you may want to upgrade your facilities. From durable, stainless steel kennels to back-saving Hydraulic grooming tubs, Direct Animal has all the animal shelter supplies and equipment you need. Shop our industrial-grade animal equipment today! 

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