2 Benefits of Adding Professional Pet Grooming-Boarding Supplies

Holiday season is coming up fast, which means your grooming or boarding business will be BUSY for the rest of the year!

So before it gets crazy with a flurry of furry customers, take time now to check your equipment and supplies so you can make the most of this peak season for your business.

Read on for a list of considerations that may 1) bring you more business this season, and 2) reward you with some nice tax breaks on professional pet grooming-boarding supplies.


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Update on Pet Spas for Condos and Apartment Complexes

We’ve reported that more and more multi-family housing architects have been asking if we can supply equipment for self dog-wash facilities, pet-washing stations, or “pet spas” as a great way to attract more residents.

And, we noted an increase in inquiries from companies that manage existing multi-family dwellings such as apartment complexes.

That was just the beginning of a massively popular pet spas trend in housing. Here’s an update on this trend… and how you can offer your housing complex a fabulous pet spa/station your residents will love.


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Top 3 Groomer FAQs About Dog Grooming Tubs, Table and Cages

Every day, members of our Direct Animal Products grooming-equipment manufacturing and sales team are on the phone and in the field, answering questions for professional dog groomers.

Grooming business owners want to know they’re investing in quality equipment that will stand up to all types of dogs and situations, for many years to come. So when they’re ready to make a purchase, they come to us armed with a big list of questions — whether they’re starting out, renovating, or building an entirely new facility.

Over the 30 years we’ve been designing innovative equipment, we’ve identified the top three questions we get asked about our dog grooming tubs, table and cages.

The following answers may help you, too!



Introducing The Best Cat Condo to Increase Shelter Pet Adoptions

“What can we do to help improve our cat adoption rates?” That’s a question we get a lot here at Direct Animal Products. We talk with shelter managers and other adoption facility managers all the time, because we’re always looking to offer cat condo innovations that support adoption.

What do we mean by “cat condo innovations that support adoption?” Well, a lot of shelters use standard cages or stainless cat condos for intakes that maybe haven’t received their shots yet… or cats recovering from spays or neuters, or cats being evaluated for temperament, etc.

But when it’s time for adoption, the best cat condo is attractive and highly functional — demonstrating that the cat is vetted, healthy, and well behaved. In other words, very adoptable!

Let’s see what this can mean to your facility.



To Fill Up Summer Boarding-Grooming, Feature Your Luxury Dog Supplies

Ah, summer — peak time for local pet owners to go on vacation, need boarding and day care, get their pets groomed and make a choice on WHO to call for these services.

Chances are, you have some tough competition in your area, between other small-business grooming, daycare and boarding facilities; the local veterinary practice that offers some of all of these services; and even big box stores or franchises that offer similar services.

How will your business stand out?

Make sure local pet owners know about your luxury dog supplies and environment along with your excellent staff, all designed to give dogs the finest care. Here are some tips to help you do this.



Three Ways Animal Equipment Manufacturers Can Help You Boost Pet Adoptions

Saturday, April 30, 2016 is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, and if you run a shelter or animal control facility, we know you’re working hard to draw attention to all the adoptable pets in your facility.

Perhaps you’re sending out press releases, emailing everyone on your list, posting signs around the neighborhood and making a big splash on your website and Facebook page (all very helpful!). But in addition, you can make adjustments in your facility to increase the chances of pets being adopted on that special day… and every day.

As your Direct Animal equipment manufacturers, we’re pleased to offer three tips for making pets more irresistible in your shelter, so more of them can go to their furrever homes year round!



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