Must-Have Dog Grooming Equipment in 2020

Pet groomers, animal shelters, doggy daycares, and other pet care facilities will all benefit from the following tools and equipment, which are sure to make your grooming room more attractive, versatile, and ergonomic. 

Andis 7-Piece Clipper Kit

Upgrade your clipper game and invest in the powerful, yet quiet Andis Clipper Kit. These clippers are a favorite among industry professionals and can stand years of heavy use. With seven detachable ceramic blades, you can easily adjust the clipper size for any breed, species, and hairstyle.

Rubber Bath Brush

Lift more dirt, dander, and hair by adding a rubber brush to bath time. The soft four-point rubber bristles work effortlessly through any hair length to clear tangles and clean deep below the topcoat while creating a relaxing, massage-like experience for the dog. The rubber bath brush will be your go-to tool for every breed of dog (and even cats).

Hydraulic Grooming Tub

Stop breaking your back trying to lift dogs into the grooming tubs. Even ramps can sometimes prove difficult for anxious pups that are resistant to bath time. The hydraulic grooming tub from Direct Animal lowers to the dog’s level, where you can easily coax them in, secure the door behind them, and raise the tub to your perfect height.

Lightweight hose

Many grooming facilities are taking the show on the road by offering mobile grooming services. Adding an extra-long lightweight hose to your mix will make it easy to pack-up and go. With its quick disconnect feature, you can easily and quickly use a single faucet for multiple functions. 

Elevated and Raised Grates

Raise your grooming business up a level, or at least bring your furry clients onto yours. Adding raised grates to your grooming room can make one tub the perfect washing spot for any sized dog, meaning you can go from Great Dane to Chihuahua in the same grooming tub without having to bend into it.  

Pet Drying Table

Get the drying done quicker, even on the thickest of coats, with a high-velocity professional drying table. The convenient under storage of the dryer and side hose hanger keeps the scary machine out of sight and the drying hose right on hand. Bonus? Once the drying is done, you can keep your dog secured to the built-in leash clips and finish out the grooming process.

Quality Grooming Equipment

At Direct Animal, we build equipment that is designed to fit the specific needs of groomers, animal shelters, luxury boarding facilities, and pet daycares. From our wide selection of dog grooming tubs to a professional dog grooming sprayer, you’ll find everything you need to outfit your grooming room with high-quality, durable equipment that will make your job easier.

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