What Should I Know Before Starting a Feline Boarding Facility?

Are you ready to open your own cat boarding facility or luxury cat spa? First, you’ll need to know the basics about cat boarding business management, including:

  • How to get certified
  • Hiring employees
  • Choosing the right cat furniture and accessories
  • Organizing your cat condos for safety, cleanliness, comfort, and efficiency
  • Keeping felines happy with cat runs and other recreational options

Cats are very different from dogs and other pets, and understanding typical feline behavior is crucial to providing a secure, comfortable, and fun experience for your furry clients – and to make sure your business is cost-efficient and profitable.

Why can cats suddenly become aggressive toward each other in an enclosure?

Traveling is not something cats do well, and when they get stressed and scared, they tend to take it out on anything around them—including other cats. This is just because their senses are heightened, and almost everything is seen as a threat to them. This is why it’s important to not only separate cats but to also provide a solid frosted barrier between cages that prevent cats from seeing each other.

Why do cats need so much space?

Felines may be small, but they still need quite a bit of space. In order to have comfortable and calm guests, you’ll want to use a cat condo that provides ample room for tall, complex furniture that allows them to climb and hide. Having these features will give them a sense of safety and comfort while they spend a night or two in an unfamiliar place.

How can I better cater to cat clients?

The best way to win a cat lover’s heart is to show them that you are a cat lover, too. Trick out your cat haven with all the features that cats love and require for a stress-free transition to an unfamiliar space. Make sure that your facility is properly certified and adequately staffed. Showcase a well-thought-out luxury cat run to let clients know that your goal is to make their little friend feel content and engaged throughout their visit. 

What veterinarian furniture is best for my feline boarding facility?

If you are starting your own cat boarding business, you’ll need the right furniture. Call Direct Animal today to schedule a free consultation, and we’ll help you build a cat condo solution that fits your needs, your space, and your budget. 

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