13 Things Your Rescue Shelter Needs 

Rescue shelters are the unsung heroes of the pet world, providing care, love, and a second chance for countless animals in need. However, these shelters need many resources and equipment to operate efficiently and provide the best possible care for their furry guests.  

At Direct Animal, we understand the unique needs of rescue shelters, which is why we offer a range of products designed to support and enhance their operations. Here are thirteen essential items that every rescue shelter should have: 

Stainless Steel Dog Kennels 

Providing safe and comfortable housing for dogs is paramount in a rescue shelter. Dog kennel panels made of high-grade stainless steel increase the longevity of your investment and ensure the health and safety of the animals. It also makes it easier to clean and prevents the spread of diseases.  

Cat Condos 

Cats have different needs from dogs, so if you plan on rescuing feline friends, you’ll want to invest in our cat condos. They provide multiple levels for climbing, lounging, and pass-through doors that allow them to roam. 

Transport Kennels  

You’ll also want a few transport kennels or cages to take on the road. You’ll need these crates when rescuing dogs on site; they may be sick, aggressive, or need to be kept from other animals in the vehicle.  

Room Dividers 

Flexibility is critical, and dog room dividers allow shelters to create separate areas for different purposes, such as quarantine, play, and feeding. Our industrial-strength panels are durable enough for the most active breeds. Their lockable wheels make them easy to move around and lock in place.  

Grooming Tubs 

Keeping animals clean and groomed is essential for their health and well-being. It also makes it easier for potential pet parents to fall in love. Our grooming tubs are sturdy, easy to clean, and designed with you in mind, making grooming sessions a breeze.  

Shampoo, brushes, clippers, and buzzers  

You’ll want to supply your grooming table with all the necessary items. You’ll need a few different types of shampoos, from flea and tick shampoo to sensitive skin, as well as a variety of brushes, nail clippers, and hair-trimming equipment to meet the various needs of your rescues.  

Veterinary Cages 

Injured or sick animals need a quiet and secure place to recuperate. Our veterinary cages provide a safe environment for animals to rest and receive medical care without infecting other animals. They can also serve as a quarantine space for incoming dogs until they’ve completed and cleared their medical examination.  

Food and Water Bowls 

Proper nutrition is vital for the health of shelter animals, and sturdy food and water bowls are a must-have. When selecting bowls, avoid plastics that can scratch easily and collect harmful bacteria. Stainless steel is a more sanitary and durable option. Add rotating bowl feeders to your kennel doors so you can fill them with food and water without opening the cage.  

Pet Relief Stations  

If you’re pressed for outdoor space or want an option for indoor potty breaks, you may consider adding a pet relief station to your kennel space. With indoor potty drains built in, our pet relief stations are easy to keep clean and odor-free.  

Leashes and Collars 

From rescues to walks and training sessions, keeping an ample supply of collars and leashes is important.  

Cleaning Supplies 

Maintaining a clean and sanitary environment is crucial in a rescue shelter. You’ll want high-quality, pet-friendly cleaners to regularly disinfect kennels, floors, and play areas. Our stainless steel rescue shelter equipment and draining system make cleaning kennels and equipment a breeze.  

Enrichment Toys 

Keeping shelter animals mentally stimulated is important for their overall well-being. Our enrichment toys provide hours of entertainment and help alleviate boredom and stress. 

Training Aids 

Many shelter animals may need extra help with training and socialization. Training aids, such as clickers and treat pouches, can assist shelter staff and volunteers teach essential skills to their furry charges. 

At Direct Animal, We Support Rescue Shelters 

The ultimate goal of an animal shelter is to find safe, loving homes. Investing in good photography, a user-friendly website, and a social media manager are a few ways you can improve the odds and bring in more potential adopters.   

At Direct Animal, we are committed to supporting rescue shelters. Whether you’re a small local shelter or a large-scale rescue organization, we have the products and expertise to help you succeed. Contact us today to learn how we can help. 

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