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When choosing professional dog grooming supplies, select the dog bath tubs that save your back

Whether you offer full-service dog grooming or a simple, convenient dog wash service, Direct Animal’s tub features save your back and make the task easier every time!

Designed for easy operation with all types of wiggly pets, our advanced dog grooming tubs focus on your comfort day in and day out.

After watching the daily work of busy pet groomers, our Direct Animal designers set out to create the most efficient, ergonomic and useful stainless steel dog bath tubs for all pet sizes — even the big dog breeds. We invite you to be amazed at the way our unique hydraulic lifts, swivel ramps, deep basins, high backsplashes, and other designs take dog grooming to a whole new level for you.

  • Imagine never having to lift a big dog again. This is possible with our innovative, adjustable Hydraulic Dog Grooming Tub that lifts dogs for you… to any desired working height.
  •  Or how about a tub that gives you the utmost flexibility for the entire staff, such as our Patented Grooming Tub with Swivel Ramp? Its rotating walk-up ramp system quickly adjusts for all groomers and all types of pets.
  •  Choose from the deepest tubs on the market, built with fully welded seams for integrity that lasts the lifetime of your facility.

All our tub designs are made with the most durable stainless steel in the dog bath tubs industry (16 gauge), with top-quality, back-saving features you won’t find anywhere else. Custom sizes available.

Discover the many back-saving features of our dog bath tubs.

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