To Fill Up Summer Boarding-Grooming, Feature Your Luxury Dog Supplies

Ah, summer — peak time for local pet owners to go on vacation, need boarding and day care, get their pets groomed and make a choice on WHO to call for these services.

Chances are, you have some tough competition in your area, between other small-business grooming, daycare and boarding facilities; the local veterinary practice that offers some of all of these services; and even big box stores or franchises that offer similar services.

How will your business stand out?

Make sure local pet owners know about your luxury dog supplies and environment along with your excellent staff, all designed to give dogs the finest care. Here are some tips to help you do this.



2016 Pet Industry Trends Include Upscale Grooming | Daycare | Boarding

If you’re starting a pet business (such as grooming, daycare or boarding) or just looking for ways to add oomph to your existing business… think “upscale” or luxury.

Here’s why. We came across a article showcasing the top pet business ideas for 2016*, and the three ideas that stood out to us the most are: “Luxury Boarding Service Operator, Doggie Day Care Operator and Pet Spa Operator.”

And, we’re seeing all kinds of proof that more and more pet owners are looking for exceptional local service providers and are willing to pay premium prices.

Let’s look at how to make the most of today’s pet-care trends with an upscale experience that attracts higher paying clients.



How to choose the best dog kennel designs: Stainless or Starlite

If you’re about to upgrade or renovate your dog kennel area — or build an entirely new facility — you may be wondering if stainless steel cages and kennel panels are the way to go. After all, stainless is sleek and timeless.

However, you’ve also seen colorful dog cage panels (our Starlite line) and you’ve thought, now THAT would be fun.

Let’s explore your decision on whether to use stainless steel or Starlite for your dog kennel designs.



Colorful dog and cat kennel designs make you a stand out

While many factors come into play when dog and cat owners consider which kennel is best for boarding their precious pets — a high-quality environment tops the list.

A clean, modern, well-organized and attractive facility projects quality and stands out from other local options in a huge way. The color scheme, equipment choices and attention to cleanliness all demonstrate your business’s commitment to pet comfort and customer satisfaction.

You may not have considered this, but color can set the stage for a positive first impression of your facility the minute pet owners walk in the door, whether they see a joyful yellow, healing green, tranquil blue, secure beige or happy orange.

That’s why Direct Animal Products recently expanded its colors for dog and cat kennel designs.



Luxury dog kennel equipment is the key to a standout boarding facility

Pet owner spending is staggering. The American Pet Products Association reported that pet spending is higher than ever, with a forecast of $58.5 Billion in spending for 2014. The report stated, “Pet services showed the largest percentage of growth last year, rising 6.1 percent from 2012, putting spending in that category at $4.41 billion. With grooming, training, boarding and other services on the rise, it’s estimated for highest category growth again over the next year at $4.73 billion in spending.”

Wow, that’s a lot of boarding and daycare clients! Just think — how many of those dollars will head your way.

Last year we helped 536 customers open beautiful new luxury dog boarding and daycare facilities using our stainless steel cages, kennels, grooming bath tubs and other equipment that offer exceptional durability, sanitation and great looks.

While there’s room for everyone to succeed…

we want to show you 5 ways an investment in luxury dog-kennel and grooming equipment will help you STAND OUT as the best boarding facility in town (bringing in loads of business!).


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Why We Love This Article On Your Dream Kennel Floor-Part 2

Did you happen to see Part 1 of this series about how the right kennel flooring can make a WORLD of difference to your dog daycare, animal shelter/humane society or animal control center? Flooring expert Jeff Adney explained how the best dog kennel designs include flooring material that makes your life easy when it comes to daily maintenance, cleanliness and lasting performance.

He noted the five key attributes of your D.R.E.A.M. floor: (D)urability, (R)eturn on investment, (E)nvironmentally friendly, (A)esthetics, and (M)aintenance. From this it was concluded the floor option that best met all five of these attributes was resinous/epoxy-based coatings.

In Part 2, Jeff discusses the kennel flooring pre-purchase and installation decisions you’ll want to consider.



Why We Love This Article On Your Dream Kennel Floor-Part 1

If you’re building or remodeling a high-quality facility for a doggie daycare, animal shelter/humane society or an animal control center, you’ll want to consider how your kennel flooring and equipment go hand-in-hand for safe and sanitary operation.

The right floor material choice and installation process can make a huge difference in the success of any dog kennel designs — more than you might imagine! That’s why we’re excited to re-post (with permission) a two-part Pet Boarding & Daycare article written by Jeff Adney of Prime Coat Coating Systems.



Colorful Dog Kennel Designs Bring Cheer to Boarding, Shelters

If you think dog kennels have to be sterile-looking and seriously dull, we have a surprise for you. You can easily bring a bright and cheery feel into your boarding facility or shelter with today’s colorful dog kennel panels. Color can make your team happier, your clients happier… and who knows? The pets might even be happier.

Perhaps you’d like to have kennels that complement your facility’s logo or décor. Or you’re simply ready to go from drab to delightful. Now you have oodles of options in dog kennel designs and configurations to add a pop of color in all the right places.

See how you can add a pleasing punch to your facility with the 6 color options in our Starlite dog kennel panels.



Double Stack Dog Kennel Designs With 7 Sweet Safety Extras

Raise your hand if your pet business or animal shelter deals with wiggly, nervous, skittish or even unpredictable dogs and cats. They can be a real challenge, right?

Even though you carefully screen the pets under your care, sometimes dogs or cats can be nervous or spooked by noises and other situations. Or, you may not have the luxury of screening all pets for temperament before taking them in (such as in a no-kill shelter situation).

Therefore, safety is a constant concern for you and your staff… and for the animals in your care.

We understand. That’s why our space-maximizing double-stack dog kennel designs are engineered with 7 safety extras you won’t find anywhere else.



For the Safest Dog Kennel Designs, Consider These 4 Questions

If you’re managing a dog boarding/grooming business, animal shelter or other pet-related organization, you know that safe pet-handling is a top concern.

We know this too. We’ve spoken with hundreds of pet professionals about ways to maintain a safe environment for staff, customers and animals — minimizing or eliminating the potential for dog bites, pinched fingers, cat scratches, “escape artists,” trips, falls and trapped pet waste.

So, how do you compare kennel designs? What should you look for when shopping for the safest solutions?

Consider these 4 questions to determine what makes dog kennel designs truly safe for your facility and the pets in your care.  (more…)

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