Why We Love This Article On Your Dream Kennel Floor-Part 2

Did you happen to see Part 1 of this series about how the right kennel flooring can make a WORLD of difference to your dog daycare, animal shelter/humane society or animal control center? Flooring expert Jeff Adney explained how the best dog kennel designs include flooring material that makes your life easy when it comes to daily maintenance, cleanliness and lasting performance.

He noted the five key attributes of your D.R.E.A.M. floor: (D)urability, (R)eturn on investment, (E)nvironmentally friendly, (A)esthetics, and (M)aintenance. From this it was concluded the floor option that best met all five of these attributes was resinous/epoxy-based coatings.

In Part 2, Jeff discusses the kennel flooring pre-purchase and installation decisions you’ll want to consider.



Why We Love This Article On Your Dream Kennel Floor-Part 1

If you’re building or remodeling a high-quality facility for a doggie daycare, animal shelter/humane society or an animal control center, you’ll want to consider how your kennel flooring and equipment go hand-in-hand for safe and sanitary operation.

The right floor material choice and installation process can make a huge difference in the success of any dog kennel designs — more than you might imagine! That’s why we’re excited to re-post (with permission) a two-part Pet Boarding & Daycare article written by Jeff Adney of Prime Coat Coating Systems.



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