2 Benefits of Adding Professional Pet Grooming-Boarding Supplies

Holiday season is coming up fast, which means your grooming or boarding business will be BUSY for the rest of the year!

So before it gets crazy with a flurry of furry customers, take time now to check your equipment and supplies so you can make the most of this peak season for your business.

Read on for a list of considerations that may 1) bring you more business this season, and 2) reward you with some nice tax breaks on professional pet grooming-boarding supplies.


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Choosing a dog wash company to create profitable property pet spas
Direct Animal image: We designed our dog grooming tubs with patented swivel ramp to solve the problem of lifting heavy dogs into a bath

Choosing a dog wash company to create profitable property pet spas

By Tim Nichols, TriStar Vet/Direct Animal Products

If your company designs or manages apartment complexes, condo communities, planned neighborhoods or other housing complexes… you know how hard it can be to one-up your local competition and separate your advantages from the pack. Your ongoing challenge is to fill vacancies, and you’re always looking for new ways to appeal to potential residents, especially those with pets.

A big trend for many architects or management companies is to add self dog-wash facilities or “pet spas” as a great way to stand apart from other local options and attract more residents.

Let’s take a look at how you can choose a professional dog-wash company to help you create a fabulous pet spa/station your residents will love.



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