Introducing The Best Cat Condo to Increase Shelter Pet Adoptions

“What can we do to help improve our cat adoption rates?” That’s a question we get a lot here at Direct Animal Products. We talk with shelter managers and other adoption facility managers all the time, because we’re always looking to offer cat condo innovations that support adoption.

What do we mean by “cat condo innovations that support adoption?” Well, a lot of shelters use standard cages or stainless cat condos for intakes that maybe haven’t received their shots yet… or cats recovering from spays or neuters, or cats being evaluated for temperament, etc.

But when it’s time for adoption, the best cat condo is attractive and highly functional — demonstrating that the cat is vetted, healthy, and well behaved. In other words, very adoptable!

Let’s see what this can mean to your facility.



2016 Pet Industry Trends Include Upscale Grooming | Daycare | Boarding

If you’re starting a pet business (such as grooming, daycare or boarding) or just looking for ways to add oomph to your existing business… think “upscale” or luxury.

Here’s why. We came across a article showcasing the top pet business ideas for 2016*, and the three ideas that stood out to us the most are: “Luxury Boarding Service Operator, Doggie Day Care Operator and Pet Spa Operator.”

And, we’re seeing all kinds of proof that more and more pet owners are looking for exceptional local service providers and are willing to pay premium prices.

Let’s look at how to make the most of today’s pet-care trends with an upscale experience that attracts higher paying clients.



Colorful dog and cat kennel designs make you a stand out

While many factors come into play when dog and cat owners consider which kennel is best for boarding their precious pets — a high-quality environment tops the list.

A clean, modern, well-organized and attractive facility projects quality and stands out from other local options in a huge way. The color scheme, equipment choices and attention to cleanliness all demonstrate your business’s commitment to pet comfort and customer satisfaction.

You may not have considered this, but color can set the stage for a positive first impression of your facility the minute pet owners walk in the door, whether they see a joyful yellow, healing green, tranquil blue, secure beige or happy orange.

That’s why Direct Animal Products recently expanded its colors for dog and cat kennel designs.



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