2 Benefits of Adding Professional Pet Grooming-Boarding Supplies

Holiday season is coming up fast, which means your grooming or boarding business will be BUSY for the rest of the year!

So before it gets crazy with a flurry of furry customers, take time now to check your equipment and supplies so you can make the most of this peak season for your business.

Read on for a list of considerations that may 1) bring you more business this season, and 2) reward you with some nice tax breaks on professional pet grooming-boarding supplies.


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Top 3 Groomer FAQs About Dog Grooming Tubs, Table and Cages

Every day, members of our Direct Animal Products grooming-equipment manufacturing and sales team are on the phone and in the field, answering questions for professional dog groomers.

Grooming business owners want to know they’re investing in quality equipment that will stand up to all types of dogs and situations, for many years to come. So when they’re ready to make a purchase, they come to us armed with a big list of questions — whether they’re starting out, renovating, or building an entirely new facility.

Over the 30 years we’ve been designing innovative equipment, we’ve identified the top three questions we get asked about our dog grooming tubs, table and cages.

The following answers may help you, too!



Among dog cage manufacturers, we have the only pee-free solution

Picture this. You’re grooming a dog and you spend an hour bathing, blow drying and clipping the fur so it’s absolutely perfect. Then, you call the dog’s owner to say, “Fluffy’s all set for pick up!” The owner says, “Great! I’ll be there in about an hour.”

So now Fluffy is sitting in a temporary cage, looking beautiful, smelling like a rose and ready to go.

But here’s the problem. Fluffy has to pee. Now. So she does, in the cage.

Yikes! Now you have pee in the cage, ruining all your gorgeous grooming work. Or do you…?

At Direct Animal, we solved the pet pee dilemma with our unique galvanized/stainless steel dog cage that includes a unique subfloor and collection pan.



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