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Kennel news: Inventive Commercial Trench Drains Eliminate Kennel Odor

Oh the never-ending problem of kennel urine odors. At Direct Animal Products, we constantly hear about this issue from the doggie day care owners, groomers, animal control officers, shelter managers and other kennel-related folks we talk with.

They ask us, “Is there an easy way to get rid of kennel urine?” and “Do you know of a great kennel odor eliminator?”

Well, the answer is yes — but it’s not what you think. Sure there are kennel washes and cleaners you can use to try and mask or eliminate the odor.

But the engineers and product developers in our veterinary division, TriStar Vet, came up with a better solution. They addressed the root of the problem, which was the pet industry’s use of standard commercial trench drains not suitable for use in dog kennels. But there was no other option.

So a few years ago, the TriStar Vet team developed the only commercial trench drains made specifically for dog kennels. What a difference! The word started spreading in the entire pet-care and shelter world. Finally, something that works for effective kennel odor control.

TriStar Vet’s specially designed dog kennel trench covers never let the urine accumulate in the first place. There’s no dried urine, trapped hair or other matter that can cause a terrible odor. This is great news if you’re dealing with dogs day after day in a busy facility.

But instead of telling you about this invention here… we invite you to get the details from the TriStar Vet blog post: Why we developed veterinary-specific commercial trench drains.

Let us know if you have any questions about using these kennel trench covers in your facility. Leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to answer it. Or better yet, contact us directly at or 877.459.7827. Thank you.

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